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Acquire Skillsets Recognized By Industry Leaders

  • TCI Certification is recognized by most transcription industry leaders.
  • Synonymous with quality; applicants carrying the TCI seal get precedence.
  • Internship with industry leaders ensures exposure to the best standards.

Why Do You Need To Learn Transcription?

  • Get to know the best practices in the industry.
  • Get grammar tips to increase quality.
  • Practice accuracy to increase your wages.

Select A Profession That Allows Flexibility

  • Work from Home - No Commuting, No Dressing Up!
  • Enjoy Flexible Timings, Work Late Nights if You Like!
  • Select Your Work Load, No Need to Take Leaves!

Learn From The Experts

  • Learn to be HIPPA compliant to ensure confidentiality.
  • Learn to make judgment calls when audios are not clear.
  • Learn how to transcribe multi speaker documents with ease.
  • Get insider tips and standout among your colleagues.
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Steps Toward Becoming A Certified Transcriptionist

Sign up and Register: As soon as you register you can access your lessons and begin right away.

Read, Review and Study Each Lesson. Take the quiz at the end of each lesson. You can retake the quiz at the end of the lesson if you fail it. These quizzes make you perfect and prepare you for the final test for certification.

Take the Final Test: It consists of transcribing 7 different audio files accurately. Should you pass, you will not only be emailed a copy of your certificate of completion, but you will also receive the original via USPS.

You are now on your way to becoming a Certified Transcriptionist! You will be contacted for an internship program within a fortnight. After you complete your internship, you may be offered a job in a company or can choose to pursue an independent career.

Transcription Training Fee Details

The course duration of Transcription Certification is 5 weeks. However, you can finish your course in your own time, no worries about that.

The online course is available in two modes-

  • Basic: This mode includes study materials, all quizzes, the final exam, and the certification.
  • Personal: Personal instruction can either be One-to-One or in Group. Generally those opting for personal have doubts regarding a section.
Course Details Basic One-to-One @ $125 per hour Group @ $50 per hour
Study Material
Final Examination
Certification Cost
Certification Handling Cost
One to One lessons    
Group Lessons    
Basic Cost $499.00 $499.00 $499.00
Additional Cost per hour   $125.00 $50.00
Total Cost $499.00 $624.00 $549.00

Certification in Transcription

A lot of our students ask us, ‘Why do we need a certification in general transcription?” Here’s what we answer.

  1. You need to show off your expertise. Remember, Transcription Certification Institute is an institute that enjoys the trust of leading general transcription companies in the US and Canada. If your resume or business carries our certification it acquires credibility.
  2. This course teaches you more than general transcription. You learn the ins and outs and requirements of the transcription industry. This helps you if you plan to start your own business.
  3. This is a PLUS factor. The guaranteed internship offer of this transcription course gives you a hands on experience that you would not get otherwise. This offer by itself should make you grab the course.

Minimum Weekly Income for Clear Recording With Up To Two People

Hours Worked
per Week
Proficiency Level –
Beginner *
Proficiency Level –
Intermediate **
Proficiency Level –
10 $125
30 $375
40 $500 $660 $1,000

Proficiency Level:

  • Transcribe one-hour of good quality recoding in four hours
  • Transcribe one-hour good quality recoding in three hours
  • Transcribe one-hour good quality recording in two hours
Please Note:

The calculation is based on average rate of our survey of several transcription companies’ payment to independent contractors for transcribing one-hour good quality recording, and the average time it takes transcribers of different proficiency levels.

The income can be significantly different from the above table given that rate could vary between transcription companies and some transcribers may take more/less time to transcribe recordings.

This income from transcription is calculated at a rate of $50 per recorded hour with minimum 98% accuracy. Highly proficient transcribers make significantly more by transcribing difficult files that can pay up to $125 per recorded hours.

Transcription proficiency improves significantly with experience. New transcribers can expect to increase their income working same hours just by improving proficiency that comes with experience.

Our Testimonials

It's a nice course to take if you're thinking about getting into transcription. I'm hoping my certification gives some credence to my ability as a transcriptionist. I love to type, so this is definitely the job for me.
- K.D.
I recently completed my general transcribing training through the Institute and feel confidant about my abilities as I start my new career. What I really appreciated was the quick response I received when I had questions and the variety of topics the lessons covered. I feel the training I received was the start I needed to succeed in this field.
- D.Lavelle.
I thought the instructional material was helpful and complete, and could help people with virtually any level of experience become familiar with the necessary programs and standards.
- - B.W.
This affordable general transcription training and certification helped me find transcription work as independent contractor immediately at the Transcription Company where I completed my internship.
- Denise, Los Angeles, CA.