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Do I have to meet any criteria in order to become a certified transcriptionist?

You do not need to have any experience or extensive knowledge in order to become a transcriptionist. The study materials we provide you will cover any areas of concern. An overall good knowledge of the English language is preferred, but you can learn as you go.

What if I realize that the general transcription process is not for me after I start the lesson? Do I lose $399 fee.

What kind of study materials do you provide?

What if I need help after I review the study materials?

What is the fee for this course and what does it include?

How do I go about finding a job once I complete and pass this course?

Is there a time frame in which I need to complete the course?

What happens if I fail a quiz or test?

What areas of knowledge does this course cover?

What type of equipment do I need in order to be a transcriptionist?

How much money can I make working from home as a transcriptionist?

Will I have to pay my own taxes as a work-at-home transcriptionist?